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Middot to Remember You By

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve lost three dear friends. I am in a state of pain and sorrow. And I am in a place of awe and gratitude as I reflect on each friend’s unique gifts – the middot (soul traits) that they bestowed on family and friends.

Goodbye dear friend,

Vibrant Judy, my opera “date.”

Brilliant career woman with a patent to prove it.

Baker extraordinaire, social action mensch, Mussar practitioner.

Bravely planning the details of your celebration of life.

Courage, lovingkindness, generosity, joy:

Middot to remember you by

Farewell dear friend,

Loving Albert, my seat mate at our spouses’ concerts.

Master craftsman, auto aficionado, therapist, WWII veteran.

A smile that made all feel special.

Paragon of a praising partner.

Humility, honor, empathy, silence:

Middot to remember you by

Adieu dear friend,

Gracious Mary, my book club buddy.

Business woman, avid reader, adoring grandmother.

Always eager to share a song with your exquisite voice.

Poised and elegant at every moment in word, deed and form.

Sincerity, perseverance, devotion, compassion:

Middot to remember you by.

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