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Your Love Is Blasting in My Heart

“What a sweet and wise book! Jewish tradition defines the wise person as the one who learns from everyone, and the young teachers who share their lessons with their grandmother here work magic to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and reawaken a sense of joyful wonder in the reader’s heart. With the clarity only available to a young mind they inspire us to open our eyes wide to see afresh God's handiwork in our world. Every page delivers delights of humor, joy, hope and inspiration for the journey of life we are all on.” Alan Morinis, founder of The Mussar Institute and author of Everyday Holiness

“Your Love Is Blasting in My Heart is a highly readable, honest and open-hearted celebration of the grandparent-grandchild relationship. Marilyn vividly demonstrates how being an engaged grandparent can be a spiritual practice. Drawing on her many years of Mussar experience, Marilyn shows us how this ancient Jewish practice of spiritual and character development can help grandparents become more compassionate, humble, patient and courageous allies to their children and grandchildren.  Contemporary research demonstrates the central role grandparents can play in transmitting Jewish identity and values to their grandchildren. This book is a guide for grandparents who want to take up this sacred charge.” Rabbi David Jaffe, author of Changing the World from the Inside Out: A Jewish Approach to Personal and Social Change, winner of the National Jewish Book Award 

“Marilyn Saltzman has written a wonderful addition to the growing collection of modern and accessible Mussar books. This engaging and inspiring book makes Jewish teachings relevant to everyday life.” Greg Marcus, author of The Spiritual Practice of Good Actions: Finding Balance Through the Soul Traits of Mussar

“Marilyn Saltzman has written a wise and intimate book about the love and work of being a grandmother. Her use of the Jewish traditions of Mussar gives the book richness and texture, but they should not dissuade grandmothers and those with grandmothers of all persuasions to read and savor this book.” Amy Frykholm, author of Christian Understandings of the Future: The Historical Trajectory

“Your Love is Blasting in My Heart is the acutely observed, deeply felt memoir of an American grandmother welcoming, learning with, and loving her two foreign-born, adopted grandchildren. But it is much more than that, as Marilyn Saltzman offers us her family’s experiences through the lens of Mussar, the Jewish study of attributes. In teaching the reader about Mussar while sharing moments with her beloved new family members, Saltzman provides insights that bring us along on her tantalizing voyage of discovery and affection. I heartily recommend this superb book.” Diane Mott Davidson, New York Times bestselling author of the Goldy, the caterer, series

“Drawing on her own experience as a parent and grandparent, Marilyn Saltzman narrates delightful, relatable, intergenerational stories ripe with universal wisdoms we can operationalize in our everyday encounters with one another.  These are bubbe-meisehs of the highest order. With this book, you too can join the diverse community of souls that has joined her in the effort to cultivate ears that listen with compassion and gratitude, faces that shine with curiosity and joy, hands that lead with generosity and grace, and hearts that blast with love!” Rabbi Jamie Arnold, Congregation Beth Evergreen

“There are many books that give grandparents’ wisdom to the younger generation. This book, well written, sprightly and deep without being pedantic, uses the actions and expressions of Saltzman’s grandkids. She listens to these children and learns from them as they learn from their environment and interactions. Her insights harmonize with her studies of Mussar, the Jewish practice that focuses on acting out and bringing to life the virtues we celebrate.” Joanne Greenberg, author of I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

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