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Marilyn talks with Debra Sofia about Mussar

Podcast November 2020

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KUHS Interview with Paul Lane 5/2/20


Stories by and about Marilyn

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Counting the Omer, The Mussar Institute

Counting the Omer, The Mussar Institute

I began my practice of Mussar over a decade ago at Congregation Beth Evergreen in Colorado. Some days I felt good about being more mindful of my choices, showing more patience and less judgment. Other days, I was frustrated by my backsliding, reacting without grace or kindness. Then the most wonderful event occurred.

My daughter and son-in-law adopted two children. Selam arrived from Ethiopia in 2011 and Dian from China in 2012. As I note in my new book, Your Love Is Blasting in My Heart: A Grandmother’s Journey, “I loved every minute I spent with these two children from two different countries and cultures….And there was an added benefit. Being Grandma to Selam and Dian became my greatest opportunity to grow as a Mussar practitioner. I began to enrich my practice, not only from trying to be a role model but even more by learning about the soul traits from them.”

Canyon Courier

Turning the Page

April 1, 2020

Conifer resident and author Marilyn Saltzman has put what she learned from her 10-year-old grandchildren — adopted from China and Ethiopia — into book form.

“Your Love is Blasting in My Heart: A Grandmother’s Journey” is a series of anecdotes in the style of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books, Saltzman said. The stories tell about the intertwining of her study of Mussar, a Jewish spiritual and ethical practice, with her grandchildren’s ability to teach her about such traits as humility, generosity, patience and compassion.

The book began as a journaling project, and the stories are very accessible for many readers, Saltzman said.

Your Hub

The Denver Post

Local Author Publishes Memoir

March 16, 2020

Conifer resident Marilyn Saltzman has published a new book, “Your Love Is Blasting in My Heart: A Grandmother’s Journey.” The memoir features conversational, inspirational stories about a Jewish grandmother and her two grandchildren, adopted from China and Ethiopia.

Mussar, a time-honored Jewish spiritual and ethical practice, is experiencing a modern resurgence through synagogues, online communities and study groups. The practice offers a unique perspective on mindful personal growth in the service of others.

One of the few books that views Mussar through a woman’s lens, “Your Love Is Blasting in My Heart” makes these teachings accessible to readers of all faiths. Each chapter presents anecdotes about a different Mussar soul trait like compassion, generosity and gratitude. Chapters conclude with suggested journal prompts to give the reader an opportunity for self-reflection.

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