• Marilyn Saltzman

Dian is here!

We had a very smooth trip to Nanchang, and entering mainland China was smooth as Chinese silk. The airport security lines had 3-D TV instructions, and you didn’t need glasses! Nanchang airport is new, huge and pretty much deserted.

Dian arrived less than 15 minutes after we did, so it was quite a whirlwind. He cried hysterically for about 15 minutes and finally calmed down in Heidi’s arms, which he refused to leave. Selam was very sweet and tried to rub him and share toys with him. He wouldn’t take anything to eat or play with, but he was interested in my BEN, the talking dog phone app.

  After Selam brushed her teeth and got ready for bed, she said, “And then Dian go away again.”  So it took about three hours for her to realize he was really in the picture! It’s 6 a.m.and I hear her talking. No crying. So that’s good

Our hotel is a beautiful modern high rise.Our rooms are very elegant here and include a separate tub and shower, nice desk and lighting and a great city and river view. Some of the buildings have colored lights at night a la Las Vegas, and there was a fireworks display in the distance.

Hope the photo attachment works. Robin doesn’t like being in photos but is doing fine.

Update: The hotel’s buffet breakfast is amazing: Chinese and American food galore including “preserved eggs” and “strawberry paste” (preserves), dim sum and steamed chicken feet. (Didn’t try the latter!) Dian ate a little bit and is sitting on the floor playing with toys. He is pretty quiet and somber but at least no tears.

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